New album "QITARA" available now

QITARA, the new solo album by Perfect Beings guitarist and producer Johannes Luley has arrived.
Featuring Katisse Buckingham (Herbie Hancock), Michael Hunter (Lenny Kravitz) and Otmaro Ruiz (John McLaughlin). Special guest: Ryan Downe (Moth Vellum).

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cover photo: James Chiang


These are the players who helped make QITARA a reality: Katisse delivered an amazing sax solo on "The Doer", Otmaro Ruiz and Michael Hunter both shine on "Upness" along with Jason Lobell. Morten and Dicki made "Faces in Reflection" a magic recording, Scott Kinsey added some pizazz to "Red and Orange" and Christian Hammer created a beautiful sounding brass section in "Agni Rahasya". Edoardo Talenti, a young drummer from Italy, played a huge part in creating the sound of QITARA. We worked closely together on the basic tracks. Last not least, the vocalists added the cherry on top: Morten, Robin and Ryan Downe, formerly of Moth Vellum. I am deeply grateful to all the musicians on this record.